Service Admin

About Service Admin

Service Admin could be either Staffing agency or Corporate HR’s main Admin. It depends on account type you chose.

As a Staffing Agencies hiring is no more difficult with our application tracking system EnterpriseRecruit. You can easily manage application data, job requirement, job posting, screening candidates and financial transactions in minimum time. With using EnterpriseRecruit provide the best candidate and client experience by interacting through emails and notifications.

As a Corporate HRs conduct your entire recruiting process with high efficiency using EnterpriseRecruit. Easily manage and schedule your start to end hiring process as in sourcing, interviewing, screening and tracking process in less time. As a whole, service admin could interact and connect with all the users in the system.

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About Recruiters

Recruiters play a role of sub admin with limited access rights.

Recruiters are the one who handles complete recruitment life cycle from job post to job opening to finalize the candidate for respective job opening.

With EnterpriseRecruit, Recruiter could post multiple job openings at once on multiple job boards and social media channels; this makes it easier to attract more candidates than ever before with the strategy of post once, publish everywhere.

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